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What is Acepromazine and what is it used for?

The recommended dosage for acepromazine is 0.25mg to 1mg per pound of body weight. In most cases it is not necessary to use the higher dosages. That is not true for use in trying to control fear based aggression. Acepromazine is considered to be very safe. The average toxic dose is significantly higher than the recommended dosage (at least 20 times the dose). Despite this, acepromazine does have some significant effects that must be considered. It can cause hypotension (lowering of blood pressure). This effect may be exaggerated in Boxers and there have been anecdotal reports of death of Boxers after the use of acepromazine. In addition, acepromazine seems to make it easier for dogs with seizure disorders to have a seizure. This medication should not be used near the time of dipping or treatment with organophosphates for flea control.

How can you purchase discount Acepromazine from 77 Canadian Pharmacy?

To buy Acepromazine or other prescription medication from Canada you will need a valid prescription written by your doctor. We will only deliver to the U.S. and Canada and every order is shipped with express delivery. You may purchase up to a 90 day supply at a time and we can also keep your refills on file.

Why is the cost of medicine usually at a low price from Canada?

The reason why prescription medicine from Canada is at a low cost is for a few reasons. The reasons for cheap prices on drugs are due to volume buying as well as the Canadian dollar being weak compared to other countries currency. Also the low price is generated from the Canadian government allowing companies to manufacturer generic drugs sooner than some countries do therefore it brings down the price to the lowest possible level for patients.

Will we provide you information on Acepromazine such as dosage and side effects?

Yes, just like buying from your local retail drugstore we will give you the same free accurate information so that you can take your medicine properly without risk and to prevent side effects. This info will include dosage, strength and frequency of taking your prescribed medicine. For information on side effects and dangers of Acepromazine or any other drug we suggest you visit the manufacturers online web site with reviews, forums and facts about this and other prescription drugs. The side effects with Acepromazine may vary and as always never drink alcohol when taking prescription medicine and always follow the directions for proper dosage and review the dangers before starting any drug.

Who is 77 Canadian Pharmacy .com and are we a licensed internet pharmacy?

77 Canadian Pharmacy is a reliable and trusted online drugstore that offers mail order prescription drug sales at discount sale prices. 77 Canadian Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy operating in British Columbia that has a strict approval system and the highest standards for both the manufacturing and sale of generic and brand name medication. To obtain the lowest possible price we allow you to purchase up to 90 days at a time with one shipping charge for your entire family. We currently are only sending to the U.S.A. and within Canada and we will not be able to assist those people without prescription.